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Project stages

Présentation du projet

Phases du projet

  • Sequencing the development of the project implies breaking it down into different “themed” poles, each offering a mix of assets (residential, hotel/apartment-hotel, retail, restaurant and entertainment)
  • Create several different living spaces throughout the project, ultimately encouraging the movement of different customer segments throughout the project
  • The 1st phase was designed to establish the project’s target positioning from the outset and to encourage the emergence of distinct living spaces that meet the diverse expectations of the target clientele, but also to create a broad mix in an inclusive vision
  • Five complementary poles will be developed in the first phase, meeting the resort’s positioning objectives in terms of target clientele, quality and image :
    • Health pole: to position Costa Coralis as the reference health care center in the region of Jendouba by reinforcing the attractiveness of Tunisia as a qualitative health care destination and thus contribute to the frequentation of the resort during the different periods of the year and to the reduction of the seasonal effect of the tourist demand
    • Commercial pole: to develop an innovative and unique retail offer on the North-West region, answering the strong expectations of the local and Algerian populations but also of the other Tunisian and foreign visitors passing through Tabarka
    • Leisure pole: positioned as the reference park in Tunisia, with a strong, creative and authentic “nature” theme allowing it to stand out through the development of differentiating attractions, in line with consumer trends, and regularly renewed
    • Seaside Pole: to enhance the resort’s openness to the sea by offering a qualitative, high-end tourist offer, meeting the specific expectations of a European, Tunisian and Algerian CSP+ clientele throughout the year
    • Central Pole: positioned as the main place of convergence for all the clients of the other poles of the project, thus meeting the objectives of mixing the different client segments, but also the needs expressed by the local population who will be able to take advantage of the numerous activities and cultural events offered whatever the season, thus reinforcing its attractiveness
  • The 2nd phase of the project will aim to complete the offers of the different poles developed in the first phase and to capitalize on these assets for the development of new components allowing to accelerate the growth dynamics and to reinforce the innovative and sustainable character of the project
  • The choice of components for the 2nd phase of the project will depend heavily on the consumption trends observed in the 1st phase. A first list of components has been identified: Artisan Village & Medina, entertainment hall, sports center, convention center, research and education center, Business Innovation Center, edutainment park, etc.
  • In addition to the main components of the resort, a reflection on the collective facilities and public services to be developed will be undertaken in consultation with the authorities, taking into account the expected impacts on the territorial and demographic perimeter of the resort and the region