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Presentation of the project initiator

Project Developer

The project initiator

IDJ 2050: a collective at the service of the development of the governorate of Jendouba

  • Investissement Développement Jendouba 2050 (IDJ 2050) is an association that brings together dozens of personalities and skills, driven by the desire to bring a significant contribution to the development of the governorate of Jendouba
  • The idea of ​​the association germinated in 2015 and its work started in December 2016 to give rise to a constituent assembly in April 2017 (publication in the JORT in August 2017).
  • IDJ carried out the design of the project “Costa Coralis» (2017-2018) and was responsible for the creation of the development company HDI of the project (2018)
  • Among the objectives of the association:
    • Contribution to the elaboration of a development strategy for the governorate of Jendouba
    • Contributing to the development of competitiveness clustersin Jendouba
    • The contribution to the realization of investment projects in the governorate of Jendouba
  • The association is politically neutral, open to the skills of the governorate, and has a good network of public relations at regional and local level (social and professional organizations , regional authorities and administrations, local authorities and institutions, civil society actors, etc.).